Corporate Event Hire

If you are planning an event such as a conference, awards night, charity fund raiser or fashion show, we have the experience, enthusiasm and equipment to ensure your event is successful .

Our event supply combines many of our services and products to deliver a complete A/V and lighting solution.

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We stock a large range of Audio / Visual equipment available for all events.. We stock projectors and screens that range from 3500 lumens to 7000 lumens, LED TV’s displays upto 50″, cameras with operators, live vision mix and recording facilities.

Audio equipment can range from a 2 or 4 speaker setup for small events, through to a multi-speaker installation with delay lines for larger venues. Mixing can be provided from a small 8 channel analogue desk, to 64 channel digital consoles .

Stage Hire

We have a large stock of polished quad truss to allow building of stage sets and rigging for overhead lighting.

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