Equipment Hire / Packages

For Lighting Hire and equipment details, please see our hire site…

LED Up-lighting

Battery Uplighters – White body – RGBW 4x 8-watt Quad LED’s.

We have 16x QB1 battery uplighters available for hire, these come in 2x charge flightcases with running times from 8 > 16 hours (depending on mode of operation).

Mains Powered – Indoor & Outdoor Use – IP rated.

54-watt RGB LED units.

LED-12: 12x LED units with mains cabling.
LED-16: 16x LED units with mains cabling.
LED-20: 20x LED units with mains cabling.
LED-24: 24x LED units with mains cabling.
LED-36: 36x LED units with mains cabling.

Disco / Effects Lighting

Disco 1: 4x disco lights (250W) with Tripod stand & T-bar. Sound activated.
Disco 2: As Package 1 + 2x moving heads and 2x scanners. Sound activated.
Disco 3: 6m or 9m truss with 8x lights, 1x laser, haze or fog and control desk.

Stage / Theatre Lighting

Stage 1: 2x 4.6m winch stands housing a total of 4x 600W Profile Spots and 4x 500W Fresnels, dimmer packs, 24-channel Strand control desk and all cables.

Stage 2: 9m truss supported on 2x 4.6m winch stands, housing 4x 600W profiles, 2x 750W profiles, 6x 500W fresnels & 4x 1T100 100W COB LED RGB for colour wash. Includes 24-channel Strand desk, mains and  control cables.

Stage 3: As ‘Stage 2’ above, with additional 2x 1kw profiles, 2x Selecon LUI floods and 1200W HMI Clay Paky Shadow QS-ST follow spot. This comes supplied with a Strand Series 200+ control desk.

Audio Packages

Audio 1: 2x speaker system with powered speakers and 8-channel DJ mixer, ideal for connection of iPod’s, MP3 Players or CD Players. This package is great if you are having a disco and do not require a DJ, it enables you to connect your MP3 Player or Laptop PC with ease.

Audio 2: 2x 400W Powered speakers and 2x 600W bass bins with Cloud CXM DJ Mixer and Denon DND4500 CD/MP3 twin CD players.

Audio 3: 2x Stacks comprising of Aura Audio A1 tops and Cardioid Bass Bins, amplifiers, controller, 2x Pioneer CDJ-2000 CD players, 1x Pioneer DJM mixer and powered DJ monitor.

Audio / Visual Equipment Hire

Projectors – 7000 Lumen (with Short Throw Lens) / 3500 Lumen UST / 3000 & 2700 Lumen Standard Throw.
Various fastfold screens.
LED TV displays 42″ – 50″ with stands.
Staging decks / Steps / Hand rails.
Set flats are available in White – various sizes.

PA & DJ mixing consoles – Allen & Heath MixWizard and ZED-14 / Cloud CXM.
Passive & Powered speakers (8″ / 10″ & 15″) and bass bins – JBL G2 EON, 10″ & 15″ Passive,
15″ Studiomaster 600W Powered bins.
500W & 4000W Power Amplifiers

XLR and RCA cabling
Stage multicore – 24/4 – 50-mtr on cable drum.
Sennheiser EW300 G2 radio mic system – 4x receivers with 2x Paddles and RF distribution.
Sennheiser Headset, Lapel andHand Held radio microphones.
Speaker & Microphone stands.
Table top microphone stands.

We have a range of Lecterns available – Trilite and Blade.

Stage Communications Kits – Canford Audio with base unit, belt packs and headsets.

Lighting Equipment Hire

Stage lighting – Profiles (ETC Source 4 / Strand SL), Zoom Profiles (Strand / ADB), Fresnels, LUI Floods & Follow Spots.

Moving Heads & Effects

Moving Heads – Discharge Lamp
Elumen8 5RE narrow beam moving heads – same as Sharpy.

Moving Heads – LED
Elumen8 Evora 1000 BSW – 180W LED source – Beam (4.5°), Spot(20°) & Wash (40°) Hybrid moving head.
Elumen8 Kudos CM600ZS – 555-watt RGBW Wash with zoom – 10º – 60º beam angle – Flightcased in 4’s. MTM-324W (324-watt RGBW Wash) with 40º beam angle – Flightcased in pairs.

50-watt LED & 250W Scanners / moonflower effects.

LED Battens / LED Pixel Blinder / LED Exterior fixtures / LED Strobes

SGM SixPack – 240-watt RGBA IP rated – ideal for cyc wash, building wash, blinder effect & pixel mapping.Link to SGM Six Pack product page

LEDJ Pixel Storm 12 Tri Batten – 1-mtr batten with 12x Tri-colour 3-watt LED’s – 36-channel DMX for pixel mapping. LEDJ Pixel Storm Product Page

LEDJ Spectra Flood – 18T3 IP rated 54-watt RGB – Ideal for uplighting, stage colour wash, building wash.
LEDJ Spectra Flood Product page

1T100 RGB 100-watt COB LED colour wash.

15-watt RGBW LED Pinspots – 4° / 10° / 45° beam angles.

LED Gobo projectors.

UV cannons and strips.
Atomic 3K – 3000-Watt & 1500-watt Strobes.
Plasma 3K White LED Strobes.
Phantom Haze, Standard Haze and Fog machines.

Laser systems

5-watt RGB (Whitelight) ILDA / DMX and with PC controller for graphics, custom animation work.
1-watt Green ILDA system with 40kpps scanning for animation work & effects.
500mw green lasers with ILDA / DMX & Sound to Light with 30kpps scanning.

Follow Spots

1200-watt HMI Clay Paki Shadow QS-ST follow spot with Doughty Follow Spot stand.
Electronic Control of all features – Dimmer / Strobe, Colour Wheel inc. Split colours, Motorised iris,
3x Colour Temperature filters.

1200-watt followspot with Iris / Dimmer & Stand.

Lighting Control

Avolites Titan Mobile with Touchscreen Laptop – Running V12 of Titan – internal license key.
Compulite Vector Blue – 8x Universes onboard – can handle 32 with ethernet. Vector Blue Web Page
1x Avolites Pearl with Tablet and riggers remote – 4x Universes.
1x Avolites Pearl 2000 – 4x Universes
Strand Series 200 Plus 12/24 desk.

4 Universe ArtNET Node and 100m of CAT-5 on drums.
DMX Distribution / Buffers.
Wireless DMX / wDMX

Dimmer racks – 18-channel & 36-channel with Socapex, 16A & 15A cabling.
Small budget 4-channel and single channel dimmers.


Mains power distribution in both 63A 3-phase & Single phase.
Mains Multicore – Socapex on drums – 15m, 30m & 50m lengths
Mains cabling – 63A – 3-phase / Single Phase, 32A 3-phase / Single Phase, 16A Single phase.
XLR Cable – 5-pin & 3-pin.
Socpex Spiders – Fan In & Out with 16A connectors.
ILDA 25-pin laser control cables.
Speakon cabling – 4-pole.

Truss / Rigging

Global Truss Quad F34PL 3m / 2m / 1m & 0.5m Straights and box corners.
Trilite truss sections in 2m & 3m, various joints and 3-way corners.
Aluminium Scaffold bar with various key clamps to erect frameworks.
Pipe & Drape systems to fit most venues and spaces – telescopic vertical / horizontal bars.
Winch-up lighting stands – 5.2-mtr / 250kg load, 5.2-mtr / 150kg load & 4.6-mtr / 65kg load Powerdrive.
1-ton Beam Clamps.
Chain Bags.
0.5-ton / 10-mtr Chain Hoists.
2-ton & 3-ton Shackles.
Kader / Marquee Clamps.
Doughty Truss Clamps.
Tank Traps and baseplates.
Stage Weights.
Universal Clamps & Hook Clamps.
T60 Curtain Track system – 3m & 2m Straights / Selection of Curves / Hanging hardware / Runners.

Star cloth & Draping

Star cloths / Drape
8m x 4m Black Tri-colour LED star cloth systems – Stand Alone / Sound & DMX
6m x 4m White Tri-colour LED star cloth system – Stand Alone / Sound & DMX
6m x 3m Black with White LED star cloth – Stand Alone & Sound.
10m x 4m Wool serge blackout drapes with ties and clips top edge / RH side.
6m x 4m Black out drapes
3m x 2m Black Out drapes
1m x 4m Black Out drapes.

Telescopic Pole & Base system (Pipe and Drape)

1.8m > 4.2m vertical poles
1.3m > 2.1m horizontal poles
2.1m > 3.6m horizontal poles
450mm² steel base plates & spigots.
Top Hat adaptors to run 2x horizontal poles parallel.

Mirror Balls

We have a range of mirror balls – sizes are 8″ / 12″ / 16″ / 20″ (10x of each size) and 2x 1-mtr (40″) giant mirror balls. All with rotators.

Pyrotechnic /Haze & Fog Hire

We hold a range of LeMaitre Pyroflash hardware for use with LeMaitre consumables.

2-way Controller – with battery or mains PSU
6-way Controller – with battery or mains PSU

Standard Firing Pod
Angled Firing Pod
3-way Array plate
Confetti Cannon – for use outdoors with Maroons

20m / 10m / 5m Pyroflash cables with 3-pin Bulgin Plugs

We can supply LeMaitre effects to use with the above firing hardware.

Haze & Fog

Pea Soup – Phantom Haze System – comes flightcased with 2x bottles of CO2, 2.5L of fluid and 18″ Fan

DMX Haze machines – come with 5L bottle of Dense or Light haze fluid

DMX Fog machines – come with 5L bottle of fog fluid